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I am who I am and your approval isn't needed or wanted

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53 years old

United States

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COOKING LEVEL: Intermediate
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1. Element Eighty - "Texas Cries" I heard this and was taken back to 1983 Ft Hood Tx. with Ms. Davis, see I made it back from (can’t tell y’all) so can you stop shouting.
2. Red Raven Blue -"Missing you". enuff said
3. Pantera - "I'm Broken" shit I'm from Texas!!!
4. Buckcherry - "Sorry". to my baby girl Isabella in a few years for not being there with y'all
5. Hayseed Dixie - "Walk This Way" gotta love it when it's hillbilly music LOL!!
6. Black Stone Cherry- "Hell and High Water" good advice song.
7. Rev Theory- Ten Years.
8 Laura Branigan- "Power of Love" love this dead girl’s voice
9. Midget Loco – "Too Much Pain" the way my last few have gone…
10. SPM – "If I Die" = OK!! This really hits close to home
12. Hayseed Dixie - I Believe In A Thing Called Love= again Ms. Davis said this alot back then
13. Lo-Pro - breathe = came downloaded in my knock-off mp4 and I liked it
14 Triumph- Blindin light show = most over looked and under rated guitar player in rock history.

My all-time favorite movies are too many to list.Think more along the lines of 2002-Gangs of New York , 2000- Cast Away ,2006- Pan's Labyrinth , 2005- Sin City, 2005- Harry Potter, 2000- Snatch , 2001-Black Hawk Down
If I'm caught in da mood, I go for 80's classics like Goonies, The Lost Boys, The Breakfast Club, Hackers and Weird Science. But lately it’s the movies I saw as a teenager like Star Wars, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Jaws, The Deer Hunter, Billy Jack, that I wanna watch.also
the "Car Movies" now talk about cars! Aloha Bobby and Rose,1973's The Seven-Ups,1974's Dirty Mary Crazy Larry,Gone in 60 Seconds and of course Bullitt!! I can't say no to cult classics like The Hunger, Grandma’s Boy, Donnie Darko, anything by the boys that were Monty Python.
The mid 70’s onto the 80’s gave us the greatest horror movies like Last House on the Left, Halloween, Aliens.

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I'm a living, breathing paradox. I don't desire or try to be contrary- I just am - and not out of a lack of identity or confusion, but out of an inherent, intense drive to never be complacent, I simply must. Few have understood this and I'm perfectly fine with that. My need for self-expression does not hinge upon anyone being able to understand or appreciate it. This makes me sound like a far more neurotic and illogical creature than I am. In truth that’s just my nature, while my inner turmoil is always a roller-coaster of thoughts and emotions, what's visible on the outside is carefully controlled. there is little fear that you'll be picking out emotional shrapnel by coming close or existing inside my blast radius that I call my life. This also comes off as if I take myself quite seriously. This is by no means the case. I love laughing at myself at least as much as I like laughing at you, which I assure you is quite a bit. Thin-skinned people do not last in my world. I think in the long run you will find me no different then any other guy...ya think that maybe yours truly needs professional help to solve this one as well as the following statement... I have an unholy love and adoration for the colors Red, Blue and Green as well as squares/rectangles. If something exists in multiple shapes, I will pick the squarest and most angular possible. I only care for rounded, soft curves on women.

a good steak

Kali's court in Baltimore

Hunting (ridding TX of feral hogs)
Anything in the great outdoors
Cooking what I harvest

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