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Title: Tacos de Pescado estilo Ensenada (Ensenada fish taco style)
Date: 03/26/2008 17:53:44
Posted by: harold

Fish Fillet of beef firm (preferably Cazon, cabrilla, white, mojarra, etc.).
Wheat flour
Ground black pepper
Garlic grinded
2 cloves fresh garlic
Oil or butter for frying
Water or second preference Beer
Green chilies


Short of fish fillets into strips of about 7 to 10cm. Long condimentas with pepper, garlic and salt to taste bruised and separates.

On the other hand in a bowl add flour little pepper and salt. Start to add water or beer and mixing until a dough lightly consistency as if you are doing hot cakes, if you used water adds a little yeast to make the mass esponje if agragaste beer to the mix instead of water is not will require yeast or baking powder. Once this your mass formed add a little mustard until it achieves a yellowing of the mix that give color and taste very attractive especially once this fried fish.

On the other hand in a bowl with cream and mayonnaise prepares a mixture of both to have a kind of light cream, if necessary add a little milk to lighten the mixture, add avocado, which'll directly on the glass blender Beef and about 3 medium ripe avocados, salt, green chilies your preference, a few drops of lemon and mix have until sauce light green.

Prepares pico de gallo sauce consisting of tomato, onion, green pepper and finely chopped coriander adds a little salt and a few drops of lemon.

Also cut cabbage thinly slices and reserve.

Once you have everything ready to begin frying fish, which in a pan put the oil or butter (in Ensenada used butter for this recipe which gives very good flavor but is not so healthy?) In order issue to taste, add the oil or butter the two garlic cloves, crushed previously and once you doran the withdrawal this to flavor oil or butter, you take the strips of fish you go through the mass was done to cover it and set to take a fry until golden brown uniform put in a container with a paper towel, then it take a hot tortilla put fish in the amount to your taste, add avocado salsa, pico de gallo, chopped the cabbage taste, a few drops of lemon and having now if you can close the taco jajaja 
Enjoyed with a cold beer mmm...

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