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07/07/2013 14:39:15
I just got a charge out of the "age" - heck in our sixties we've got it made.  We are at the age where we can do anything and get away with it.  My hair is turning white, I've got my laugh lines and wrinkles - all of which I earned in this life - and the memories to go with them all.  No botox, no face remedies that make your face look like plastic as if you have never made a facial expression, laughed or cried - what's the use of that crap?  It just makes your face look "younger" (not in my book) and your neck skin and everything else hangs........
I love my kitchen and I love creating - and I love sharing.  To me - that is a true love that I have.  And you are quite welcomed.  Stick around - there is more to come........

07/07/2013 13:50:25
Hi KW,
I REFUSE to put my age or birth date on any open forums. They really don't need to know it. Let's face it...recipes are not "adult material".  I'm in my 60's, no danger of being under 13 here! I simply left the date meter as it was Jan 1 1901-- I didn't change it to the real numbers.  I feel that if one site gets your "true" numbers...identity theft follows, and EVERYONE in creation now can find your birth date on Google.  I truly believe that in cooking---age doesn't count...just your love of cooking.  From a child just learning, to an oldster like me just looking for something "different, or better" cooking forums should be available to all.  Again, I'll thank you for some great tips and some brilliant recipes.  And don't worry about my age---maybe someday I'll BE that old!



07/07/2013 08:02:15
You're very welcomed Noreen!  I am glad that you enjoy it and I am glad that you stopped by to visit.  I hope you continue to do so.  Right now I am working on a set of cookbooks - just more to share.  I will have it posted soon!

07/06/2013 14:51:02
Thank you for the so many recipes that I've enjoyed, and the many "helpful hints" that you've published.  I've been in Recipe Secrets for many years, but thanks to your latest posting...I've found your blog. Which I had never been to before.  So, I joined. Once again, thanks!
KUTGW, Noreen  

05/12/2013 06:49:38
Let me see what I can do about the download -

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