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Getting Started With FoodPals (3 Important Steps)




After signing up for FoodPals.com you will receive a confirmation email.  You must click the link in that email to confirm your membership and start using the site.


Once confirmed - congratulations and welcome to FoodPals! 


Now, let's make you an "Official Member" of the FoodPals community by completing Steps 1-3 below...

3 Steps to Get Started:

1. Add Your Favorite Recipe

2. Setup Your Free Webpage

3. Invite Friends


Steps to Enhance Your Membership Experience:

- Introduce Yourself to the Community

- Make New Friends

- Join Groups

- Write Your Blog

- Post Pictures to Your Gallery

- Create Your Personal Cookbook

- Learn About FoodPals in the How-to Forum



 Step 1 of 3 - Add Your Favorite Recipe

To become an official member the FoodPals community, you must add your favorite recipe to our Global Cookbook. 


Benefits of adding your favorite recipe:

  • Your recipe will be part of our FoodPals cookbook for all members to enjoy.

  • You'll be sent a free downloadable copy of the cookbook once it's finished.

  • You'll be able to easily access the collection of favorite recipes from all our members.

Don't miss out - become an official member by quickly adding your favorite recipe now - Click Here



 Step 2 of 3 - Setup Your Free Webpage

Every official member of the FoodPals family gets their own free webpage on the site.  Carve out your very own section of the site and own a page on FoodPals.com.  This includes your own blog, photo gallery, virtual cookbook, and guestbook.


Quick and easy setup - no technical skills required.

  • Update your profile

  • Add your picture

  • Manage your account settings

Setup your page now - Click Here



 Step 3 of 3 - Invite Friends

FoodPals.com is all about sharing, so invite some food loving friends to the site.  People always want to know about new sites - spread the word about our mission and build your FoodPals network of friends. 


Plus you get to show off your cool new webpage, blog, and photo gallery ;-).


Click Here to Invite Your Friends




  Additional Steps to Enhance Your Membership Experience


  • Make New Friends - Browse our member profiles and invite friends into your network.


  • Join Groups - Join or start a niche sub-community on FoodPals that shares similar interests.






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